The Blessed Household - Key to happy marital life

The Blessed Household - Key to happy marital life

Author:- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 52
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Family means comparatively a small social group of persons from children to elders, every responsible individual therein being as good as a nucleus. If, therefore, every such individual in a family understands the mindset of others, views the problem thro' the eyes of other members, does not adamantly stick up to his own, makes some adjustment in oneself and takes a balanced view, family disputes should no more take a root on their owm.

Family is a cultural system which steam from the asupicious concept of marriage.

Some of the topics discussed in this book are as follows:-

1. How marriage (s) could be made happy?

2. What a Man can do for the deceased relatives?

3. 'Divya Darshan' for Balanced Happiness.

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