Interesting Legends

Interesting Legends

Interesting Legends
Author:- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 60
Donation contribution:- Rs.35/- Courier charges extra.

In this small book, the readers will find select stories from the Mahabharata. These stories are of great legendary characters. Reading these stories would definitely boost the confidence of the readers to perform good deeds for better living and better surrounding.

1. The staunch Aruni

2. When the poison touched lips

3. The Son in the scorching pan

4. The Eagle who did Deities a favor

5. Humanity of Snake

6. The poor ascetic who threw away gold

7. The story of valour of Pandava

8. Secret about God's incarnation

9. And then Shakuntala blushed

10. 'I stole the mangoes, sever my hands'

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