Dialogue with the Body (Audio CD)

Dialogue with the Body  (Audio CD)

Dialogue with the Body (Audio CD)
Language:- English
Contents:- CD with Booklet English
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This audio CD contains following two method of meditation-
1. Kundalini Dhyan ( Shad-chakra Dhyan)
2. Aum Dhyan

The first method is one of the best meditation method described in the Indian ancient Yogashastra. Why should one do this meditation? And how? What are the benefits? All these questions are answered in the CD.

The importance of Aum has been told by Rushis and Sant from the era of Upnishdas. It is believed that the Universe originated from Aum. Swami Vijnanannand has said that one finds an extraordinary blend of the Wave Particle theory from modern Science, with the Aum.

If one does meditation with understanding and purpose, with the help of this CD, he will get good experience of a satisfied meditation

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