Life after Death

The most dreadful thing in life is 'death'! But does everything ends at death? Or, is there a ‘life’ beyond death too? How do the events and attitudes in existing life affect this life after death? What should one do to lessen the post-death pains? Is it true that one’s mind and desires are responsible for one’s birth and death? What is the rational and logical explanation of the terms - rebirth, heaven, hell, liberation and Samadhi? The mystery of all these is unfolded with the help of Mathematics, Physics, Logic and Medical Science in the following activities, literature and products of Manashakti.

Study Course
Janma-Mrityu Vijnan (Science Of Life And Death)(Language-Marathi)
Mahalay Shraddha Pooja(Language-Marathi)
Shraddha Pooja(Language-Marathi)

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