Music for Success in Study (Audio CD)

Music for Success in Study (Audio CD)

Music for Success in Study (Audio CD)
Language:- English
Donation Contribution:- Rs. 105/- Courier charges extra

Manashakti has made available this novel and innovative audio CD especially to the students, teenagers, youths and adults too to enhance their:-
1. Concentration in the studies
2. Memory &
3. Confidence.

The CD is based on the two concepts of "Binaural Beats" and "Sounds in Nature".

Studies done consistently with the help of this CD help in:-
1. reducing distracting thoughts
2. enhancing concentration and grasping power
3. increase capacity to study at a stretch and,
4. assimilating more volume or quantum of study in a comparatively less time.

This audio CD comprises of two tracks with total one hour duration, and comes with a handy booklet

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