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Zeal is a top-quality, ayurvedic hot-drink prepared from medicines like Shatavari, Ashwa-gandha, Manjishtha etc.

Meant for everyone, this zeal-enhancing drink is an ideal substitute for tea and coffee (which create bad effects in the long run). Zeal removes tiredness, fatigue as also can lessen problems of bile & blood.

Particularly, its very useful for students. If the student encounters difficulty in subjects like mathematics, science, english, the doctor prescribes Zeal.

Zeal can also be served to guests, as it can be prepared in few minutes.

1. Shatavari:- 1.67gms
2. Anantmool:- 1.67 gms
3. Dhanyak:- 1.65 gms
4. Ashwa-gandha:- 1.67 gms
5. Manjishtha:- 1.67gms
6. Yashti-madhu:- 1.67gms

Packaging:-50 gms.
Donation contribution:-Rs. 95.00 Courier charges extra.
Currently available in India only.

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