"Selfless work can transform individual & society!" Swamiji's appeal in Youth Meet

Youth Meet - 3 - Unity is Strength
Youth Meet - 3 - Time Pass Management
Youth Meet - 2 - Mr. Shinde & Mr. Vanjari
Youth Meet - 1

Nearly 140 youths participated in the 11th annual YOUTH MEET, held on 21-22 July 12, at the scenic Manashanti Ashram location. Mr. Shinde (Trustee, Manashakti), Mr. Vanjari, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, were few of the dignitaries who gave very thought-provoking lectures! The meet was also filled with several interesting activities & competitions too!

The ambience at the ashram was created with posters, made by the Project Students staying at Manashanti. Topics like -

  • Youth Inspiration
  • My Idol
  • Unity is Strength
  • Youth 2020
  • Generation Next
  • Power of Youth
  • Timepass Management &
  • Youth Recognition

were presented in these colourful posters, along with a competition (Bolka Kagad).

The introductory lecture by Mr. Shinde was followed by an audio discourse from Hon. Swami Vijnananand (Founder, Manashakti) on the topic “ How to Transform the Society?” Swamiji told the ways & means about how an individual can make a positive change in the society.

Thereafter, Mr. Shinde explained the importance of INSPIRATION in life. He said, "‘Inspiration’ does not happen suddenly. It requires constant thought in the mind along with perseverance."

A group activity with 3-4 minute performances on topics like Truth, Corruption, Vision 2020, Youth Inspiration, Health, Love for humanity, Gratitude, Patriotism, Timepass management & Leadership was conducted.

Swati Alurkar (Life Devotee, Manashakti) discussed about the yearly Jnan-Praksh Yatra, followed by the day's last session viz. Panel Discussion. Conducted by Mayur Chandane & Geetesh Kulkarni (Life Devotees), topics like education, peer pressure, generation gap, corruption, addiction, time management, decision making, benefits of participating in Manashakti's Projects etc. were thoroughly discussed in it. The panel comprised of Prof. Varsha Todmal (Ph.D., Garware College, Pune), Ms. Amruta Paradkar (Social Worker, TISS, Mumbai), Dr. Abhijeet Redij (Ayurved & Yog Expert), Mr. Ashish Gawade (Social Entrepreneur) & Prof. Abhijeet Kadekar (Amrita College, Nigdi) - all sadhakas of Manashakti. The panel was presided by Mr. Shinde. An open discussion with live experiences hugely benefitted one & all!

The 2nd day began with social work i.e. Shramanand. Yougsters planted saplings experiencing intermittent joy of rain showers. Thereafter, Swamiji’s audio discourse on “How to Conduct?" dealt with science and reasoning of how one can gain energy by doing good deeds. Consistency in doing selfless work has the power of turning impossible desires into possible ones. An all-round personality development is also the benefit of it.

Then a very thought provoking & inspiring lecture was given by Dhanraj Vanjari, ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police), Mumbai. With excellent oratory & profound knowledge of topics like science & philosophy, he enlightened the young minds about importance of having right direction in young age; the scenario worldwide & the richness of Indian culture & values.

Mr. Chandane then explained the importance of studious attitude in life. He also presenting few videos on the recent Higgs-Boson experiment. Thereafter, a discussion on projects to be planned & implemented in near future wwas conducted by Kranti Gudhate & Suraj Karande (both young Life Devotees).

The Youth Meet was concluded by Mr. Shinde's appeal to all youths to enhance thier participation in Manashakti's various youth activities. Prizes were given to winners of competitions & best skit performances! In all, a strong foundation for uniting the youth sadhakas of Manashakti was also laid at this instance.

The 11th annual youth meet was very enlightening, inspiring & encouraging!


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