Alertness Test


Test Name:- Alertness
Age group:- 8 to 21 years
Language:- English / Hindi / Marathi
Duration (Test + Counseling): Approx. 2 - 3 hours
Donation contribution:- Rs. 520/-
Test by Appointment only
Contact on:- Monday to Friday; 9am to 12noon

Phone:- (02114) 234320/ 1 / 2

Alertness is a special quality which is useful not only in the school education, but also in day-to-day life.' One should be able to comprehend a particular situation and take proper decision quickly.


A set of instructions is given to the child undergoing this test. For example, there is a red bulb and a white bulb. An instruction is given as 'If red bulb is on, lift the right hand and if the white bulb is on, lift the left hand''. Now when a Red bulb is put on by the experimenter, a chronoscope attached, measures the time in lifting the right hand. After a series of readings, alertness level can be found out.

This test and the guidance thereafter helps to improve the alertness.


Videos to be uploaded shortly.

Videos to be uploaded shortly.

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