Psycho-Feedback Therapy


Test Name:- Psycho-Feedback Therapy
Age group:- 21 Years & above
Language:- English / Hindi / Marathi
Duration (Test + Counseling): Minimum 4 days residence is must at Lonavala Center
Donation contribution:- Rs. 6380/-

Test by Appointment only
Contact on:- Monday to Friday; 9am to 12noon
Phone:- (02114) 234320/ 1 / 2

In this test the person is made aware of changes in bodily motions like EEG (Brain Waves), ECG (Heart Beats), EMG (Stress in Muscles) and skin conductance, through audio visual medium. The powers of your mind are channelized to help you get rid of your sorrows.

Psycho-feedback is a drug-less therapy and it is available only in the main research centre at Lonavla right now. A person is expected to take a prior appointment and stay at the centre for minimum four days.

Donation Contribution: Rs. 6380/- only

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Videos to be uploaded shortly.

Videos to be uploaded shortly.

Machine Tests &
Psycho-Feedback Therapy

(with prior appointment only)
For booking, please contact on
(Mon. to Fri. - 9 am to 12 noon)

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