A New Way to Prenatal Education

A New Way to Prenatal Education

Author :- Dr. Aruna Narvekar, M.B.B.S.,D.G.O.
Language:- English
Pages:- 114
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The prenatal project has been implemented at Manashakti Research Center for more than 40 years. This project has become a tool for social revolution, spreading good values in the society.

We have heard of Abhimanyu getting the knowledge of Chakravyuha in the womb itself when Lord Sri Krishna was explaining the secrets to Subhadra and he stopped when he knew that Abhimanyu was catching up with him. He, as the knower of all future wanted him to know only the secret of going into the Chakravyuha. We know what happened in Mahabharata later in the war.

Many other references in our scriptures point to the possibilities of learning in the womb itself. At that formative stage, it is like a sponge and can absorb all things with such wonderful speed. With proper training, the baby can come out of the womb in good shape with easy natural delivery and imbued with fine values.

This book gives a nice outline of the theory with practical approaches to achieve the aim of getting childern with good samskaras and developing nice relationship between husband and wife.


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