Tension-free Success

Tension-free Success

Author:- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 68v
Donation Contribution:- Rs.35/- Courier charges extra.

Modern-day children have to face increasing ambitions, tough competitions & galloping race in all fileds. This book presents a research-based profile of the way in which parents have to apply their mind to the tremendous tension faced by their children, what kind of precautions have to be exercised & what steps have to be tried by the children themselves.

A read-must book for parents, teachers, professors and for all those caring for the GenNext.

Compared to previous generation, today's children face 1,650% more tensions of the modern life. What exactly are those? And how to remedy?

Generally, parents preserve their wealth in banks. However, they forget that their real wealth is their children! Children need to be imbibed with good values, with due care to emotional and physical fitness too. This book suggests following remedies:-

1. Brain massage for 12 seconds (for students).

2. Brain-touch by parents / teachers.

3. Brain symbol biofeedback experiment (for parents).

4. Flicker experiment.

5. 10 days study-course for sex-related problems etc.


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