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Manashakti Research Center, Lonavla

Manashakti Research CenterThe renowned Manashakti Research Center for peace of mind is situated among the pleasant hills of Lonavla (India). For past 50+ years, lakhs of people have found solace through electronic, computerized machine tests; study courses; workshops; seminars; books etc. The Research Center is one of the activities of Manashakti REST New Way Trust (REST= Research, Education, Sanatorium Trust), a social trust registered with the Charity Commissioner, Pune.

Mission Statement

To help people achieve tension-free success and peace of mind through scientific means and social welfare activities.


  • Manashanti New Way Ashram (Parent Trust, Reg No: E-437)Pune
  • Manashakti REST New Way (Co-trust) E-524 Pune
  • Health New Way (Co-trust) E-733 Pune
  • New Way Udyogshakti Charitable Trust (Co-trust) E-3682 Pune

A Board of Trustees looks after these trusts. While trustees of other trusts are usually nominated as a democratic tradition, the trustees for Manashakti REST New Way are elected every two years by the Seekers (Sadhakas) of Manashakti.

Swami Vijnananand - The First Thinker (1918-1993)

Swami Vijnananand is the Founder, First Thinker and Experimenter of Manashakti Research Centre. After self-realization in 1957, he put forth a rational 'New Way Philosophy' (see blog), combining science and spirituality for perpetual happiness and peace of mind. Swamiji took Prakash Samadhi for world peace on 18 November 1993. (See Comments of World Thinkers about Swamiji)



  • Manashakti Centre, Lonavla (Main Centre)
  • Manashanti Ashram, Lonavla
  • Girgaon
  • Borivali
  • Thane
  • Dombivali
  • Kharghar ( Navi Mumbai / Vashi)
  • Talegaon
  • Chakan
  • Pune
  • Nashik
  • Pandharpur
  • Kolhapur
  • Local Centers (Maharashtra & INDIA)
  • Foreign Contacts


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