Power of Yog and Meditation (English course)

Yog and Meditation are the unique gifts to human welfare, from the Indian culture. Today, Yog and Meditation are widely practiced across the world in several communities. Along with the common masses, they are also highly popular in the scientific community – especially with reference to mind and happiness research.

Manashakti Research Centre too is conducting research & experiments in this regard, since long back. It has also developed special techniques of meditation viz. Dialogue with the Body. Its crux will be presented in nut-shell, in this 2-days course. (A 3-day Marathi course Yog-Shakti-Dhyan is also available.)

1. Rational & Scientific explanation of KUNDALINI meditation
2. Mind & Meditation
3. Benefits of Meditation
4. Meditation & Stress Management
5. Demonstration of Meditation

Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Venue: Lonavla
Donation contribution: Rs.735/- per person.
(NOTE: The donation contribution is going to change from January 2019.)
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Power of Yog and Meditation (English course) - 26/01/19 Lonavla 26/01/2019 - 27/01/2019 Open Office- (02114) 234379, 234380 Add to Cart

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