Redemption from Jealousy Hazards (English)

This is a 2-day ENGLISH study course.

Successful, wealthy, famous, executive type people attract envy of others. One’s achievement invites latent envy from his friend circle, relatives, colleagues & even family members! This poisonous thought energy of envy remains accumulated invisibly at one’s home, workplace, as well as in the atmosphere. As per neuroscience, the jealous person emits short and hazardous brain waves. This potent energy turns harmful in eight different ways to the capable person. What are the eight types of hazards ? How to remedy them? This 1-day ENGLISH study course will provide guidance along with the knowledge regarding these aspects.

1. Awareness about the latent negative energy of envy on the basis of brain science
2. How to get rid of the ill-effects of jealousy?
3. Remedies to compensate negative energy accumulated around us in our house, office, work place etc.
4. Scientific approach to change our behaviour, positively
5. Guidelines to achieve glorious success without the impact of jealousy

Duration: 2 day
Language: English
Venue: Lonavla
Donation contribution: Rs. 835/- per person.
(NOTE: The donation contribution is going to change from January 2019.)
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