Machine Tests Machine Tests

The electronic, computerised machine tests at Manashakti are unique and unparalleled. Most of the tests are conducted on a psychological level. The objective is to evaluate the psychological powers of an individual and their inter-relationship. Some of the machines used for these tests are designed and created at Manashakti itself.

study-course Study Courses

The Study Courses of Manashakti are rational formulae for happiness, discovered after years of research. They suggest ways to tackle problems in life, rationally. All of the study courses are endowed with the theorems based on the confluence of three scientific approaches viz. Physics, Mathematics and Logic.

workshops Workshops

Manashakti conducts 1-day workshops on various topics, for different age-groups, in cities as well as rural areas through audio visual techniques. The latest research, experiments, studies and remedies based on it, are dealt in these highly popular workshops.

pooja Poojas

The Poojas conducted at Manashakti are tremendously popular! They are conducted individually, though in a group. As per the law of resonance in science, any activity conducted at a group level provides energy in multiples, compared to individual one. The rationale behind Pooja is explained first and then only the rituals are conducted.

free-activity Free of cost Activities

Under the Annyayit Swavalamban Department, numerous free-of-cost activities are conducted for Adivasis (to turn them self-reliant); for rural people as well as orphaned-poor-needy children. For eg. Education-Sanskar Camps, Earn & Learn Scheme, Medical Camps etc.


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