Comments of World Thinkers about Swami Vijnananand & New Way Philosophy

Dr. E. P. Little, Ph.D. (Physics), Harvard University
Foreword to 'Cure Without Medicine' : "In several long discussions, I have found the author a thoughtful and convincing man.... As it stands, the experimental germ of these ideas seem to be logical."

Dr.K.K.Datey, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.C. (USA), F.A.C.P. (Hon. USA), F.A.A.B.S. (USA), F.C.C.P (USA), F.I.C.A. (USA), F.R.C.P. (London), F.R.S.A (London), F.R.C.P. (Edin.), F.I.C.P.M. (Hol.), F.N.A. (Ind.), F.M.A.S. (Mah.)
* Hind-word to 'Cure Without Medicine' : "This book is a departure from the usual concepts and the reader will find it refreshing and rewarding. By practicing the techniques suggested by the author, many patients could benefit and reduce the incidence of diseases."
* "Swamiji gave six lectures to a highly intelligent audience in my consulting room on 'Tensions in this Life, and Next Life'. He was able to satisfy the curiosity of every member of this audience and was able to reply to their searching questions with answers supported by rational arguments. He is applying the same critical approach to higher aspect of Yoga, and thus, is doing a great service."

Dr. V. Brodov, Scientific Institute of Philosophy of Academy of Sciences of Russia, Moscow
Replying to author's postulate - 'Mind exists independent of matter, as based on limiting speed of matter' - that "Marxism does not consider thinking as matter."

Dr.A.R.Wadia, D.Lit. (Ex-Director, Tata Institute of Social Sciences)
opined, "The author has something to say which is worth saying... He has certainly read and digested fundamentals of science."

Dr.S.M.Katre, M.A., Ph.D. (London), Director, Deccan College of Research
"You have done a very original and a good job in analyzing and synthesizing the wisdom of the East and the West, and I am sure it will lead to a manifold close and careful study."

Dr. K. R. Karandikar, M.Sc., Ph.D.:
"Argument is perfectly rational and scientific!" commenting on "Cure Yourself"

Dr. Deshmukh, M.D.:
"I congratulate the author for his radical thinking!" introducing "Death of Disease"

Morarji Desai, Ex-Prime Minister, INDIA:
"I have myself enjoyed greatly my discussions with the author on the subject treated in this Series." General preface to 12 titles of New Way Series.

Y.B.Chavan, Ex-Defence Minister, INDIA:
"I must say that his thinking is radical and original, which compels attention!" - introducing general series.

GENERAL Kariappa, First (Army) Commander-in-Chief of Free India
"I was very much pleased to have had opportunity of having such a long discussion... l was interested in all that you said."

G.D.Somani, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce:
"I have had the privilege to meet and discuss occasionally with the author on spiritual, scientific and other allied matters. I have found his argument to be cogent and very convincing."

Frank Moraes (Times/Express Ex-editor)
"...Your viewpoint is original and I have been much impressed by earnestness and conviction..."

M.S.KANNAMWAR, Ex-Health Minister, Maharashtra State
"I hope, his work will shape the health of tomorrow, happier and healthier!"

ACHARYA Vinoba Bhave:
''Glad to see spiritual values in scientific terms."

P.K.Mistry, Chairman, Associated Cement Co. Ltd.
"His thesis is strictly and exclusively scientific."

Justice Y.V.Chandrachud:
"The author has done original research in problems concerning man's quest of happiness."

K. GOSWAMY, Executive, Hindustan Lever Ltd.
“Astounding to bring such vast subjects to mathematical accuracy!"

Vijay Merchant, World-famous Indian Cricketer:
"(Theory is)... based on physics, logic and mathematics." On problems of "The Rich, Ambitious, Healthy".

Sri Prakash, Ex-Governer, Mumbai:
"The author's way of thinking is independent and radical and his views deserve serious consideration."

M.V.Donde, Ex-Mayor, Mumbai
"The author is highly intelligent... with entirely original outlook. None would grudge him the credit for bold and original thinking.”

'PIONEER' On "Cure Without Medicine" & "Rich, Ambitious, Healthy":
"'Cure Without Medicine' describes the new methods evolved by the author for curing common diseases. Both books contain much useful information about 'good health' and 'how to maintain it in life' and should provide informative and interesting reading to those interested in these matters."

'HITAVADA' on 'Rich, Ambitious, Healthy":
"The author who has had an impressive record of earnest studies in spiritual and psychological subjects and has attempted to deal with the effect of the human mind and its emotions on the body."

'HINDU' on "Marx Proves Rebirth":
"The author considers that the conduct of Marx and Engels at the time of their death is sufficient to show that the belief in immortality or rebirth is more eloquently expressed there than the denials of any of their followers, who have more and more turned mechanistic materialists."

'AMRIT BAZAR PATRIKA' on "New Way to Fortune and Happiness."
"The author when in London examined the palms of 260 men in London aerodrome. Only ten persons had the lines indicating foreign travel. The author is a pragmatist who bases his conclusions or inductions on solid reason."

"The pleading of the author is powerful and the book is readable. His zest for truth is laudable."


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