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Where is the information about 1-day Garbh Sanskar Workshop?
The information is here -

Where is the information about 3-day Garbh Samarthya Course?
The information is here -

Why the name 'New Way'?
Swami Vijnananand wrote initially in newspapers under the heading 'New Way towards happy life'. The series gained widespread popularity and was remembered as 'New Way'. Hence the trust was named as 'New Way'.

When was 'New Way' started?
In 1963, Swamiji took sanyas and for next two years, he underwent various Sadhanas (Tapa). From 1965, Swamiji started serving society with only few like-minded seekers. This resulted in initiating the first trust 'New Way Ashram' by Swamiji in 1968.

How does one follow the 'New Way'?
The concept of 'New Way' visualises a Super Social Family i.e. Adhyatmik Kutumb.
In the beginning, people come to the Manashakti Centre as Newcomers (or Navagat): to see the Centre and witness its activities. They read the books and try to understand the various subjects dealt with. Approximately 1000 new people visit the Centre every month.

Some of these visitors participate in various activities of the Centre: they attend study courses and seminars, participate in various tests etc. Some of them participate in various poojas (religious rituals) and other social activities. They are treated as 'guests' of super social family. In this way, they understand the philosophy of the trust. Every month, approximately 500 people take part in study courses and 250 people take part in various tests.

The 'New Way' advocates close link-up between pleasant performance of family duties on one hand and social justice (synonymous with God if you like), on the other. Members of the public who choose to follow this are called the 'Seekers'. They participate in these activities consistently either through their money or through their labour. Till date, more than 5000 people have become seekers.

The seekers who take up the principles of the trust on the full time basis foregoing everything else become the 'Life time devotees'. Currently there are around 150 lifetime devotees.

What can a Well Wisher who remains in the guest category do from outside?
They remain in 'guest' category, contribute whatever they can- cash, kind or labour and choose as much as they feel possible, from the following:-

  • Give advice when needed.
  • Start an information Centre and Sanskar Centre.
  • Time to time Participation in trust's projects.
  • To contact commercial organisations, women's organisations, business organisations, student's organisations, etc., to acquaint them with 'New Way', organise their trips.

What is the nature of 'New Way' organisation ?
Mainly there are three trusts. 'Manashanti New Way Ashram', 'Manashakti REST New Way (Research, Education, Sanatorium Trust)' and 'Health New Way Trust'. In the New Way Ashram, Swami Vijnananand was one of the trustees and beyond the principle of reaction, that trust accepts no donations. Seekers themselves control the other trusts. The trustees of REST are elected every two years, by seekers themselves.

Swami Vijnananand gave all his extra earnings to the trusts, where he was not a trustee. Full-time selfless sacrifice, service, was his guiding role. All the trusts and allied organisations work without any narrow considerations of caste, creed, community, etc.


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