Manashakti Research Centre has placed a special emphasis on publishing the scientific, rational, experimental research and remedies propounded by the New Way Philosophy. For it, the centre has been printing and publishing books and magazine since last 35-40 years.

A need to publish books covering various topics of interest to the seekers - for Peace of Mind - was realised very early and an in-house press was set up at Manashakti in 1963. It was a simple letter-press using hand-composed type. Today the machinery and equipments are upgraded and the centre owns and operates an offset colour printing press. Recently, the entire press has been shifted to Manashanti Ashram (4 hectre land) - another site of the trust. The space thus freed at Manashakti Centre has been utilized to build a grand Prayer Hall.

Modern computerised typesetting equipments are used to edit books, with large number of fonts and pictures.

The information about Books,Magazine and the Diwali Issue can be found here:

Books Books

The Manashakti literature including over 250 books has been the result of Swamiji's profound research and experience. It is entertaining, thought-provoking as well as giving new direction to the life. Every book has a base of rational thinking.

Magazine Magazine

For past 25 years, Manashakti is publishing a most successful Marathi magazine named 'MANASHAKTI'. Without any kind of commercial publicity, it has over 35,000 subscription. This can be said as the only magazine being published without horoscope & advertisements. The magazine is beneficial to all members of a family, to enhances mind power and peace of mind.

Diwali Diwali Issue

For past 35 years - since 1977 - Manashakti has been publishing its featuristic Diwali Issues with over 30,000 subscribers. Various academic series based on Swamiji's study - research - experiments and experience are published in it from time to time. Along with it, scholastic articles, information about contemporary scientific, social, spiritual etc. topics are also published in it.


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