Swami Vijnananand (Founder, Manashakti)

"Pardon me not God
Punish me for every fault
For a single unjust pardon
Will liquidate Almighty Lord!"
- Swami Vijnananand

Swami Vijnananand is the Founder, First Thinker and Experimenter of Manashakti Research Centre, Lonavla, INDIA.

Having scaled the height of success in multiple fields like Literature, Music, Drama, Theatre, Movies, Print Media, Fortune Telling and Freedom Fighting, Swamiji had realization on 22nd March 1957. Thereafter, he put forth a rational New Way Philosophy combining science and spirituality for perpetual happiness and peace of mind. In 1963, Swamiji took Sansyas and came to Lonavla (60 kms. from Pune) and in the vicinity of river Indrayani and Sahyadri Hills, he started Manashanti and Manashakti Trusts. All activities of the trust are based on the New Way Philosophy. (See Comments of World Thinkers about Swamiji and New Way Philosophy)

‘New Way’ means acquiring, analyzing and synthesizing the supreme knowledge from Vedas (ancient Indian scriptures) with modern scientific concepts - in a rational way - and vice-versa, for individual, social and universal welfare. This unique Philosophy is based on the tenets of Physics, Mathematics and Logic, along with Laws from Spiritual and Religious Faiths, including atheists too! 'New Way' also symbolizes the similarity - about the search for truth/ supreme knowledge - between ‘Newton’s scientific attitude' and the 'rational approach in Vedic scriptures. Hence Vedas and modern Science - both were Swamiji's ideals.

Swamiji conducted research, experiments as well devised remedies, for tension-free success and peace of mind, right from the prenatal state (Garbh Sanskar) up to life-after-death. Based on this profound and protracted study, Swamiji

  • published 250+ books;
  • conceptualized and conducted 50+ study courses
  • hypothesized and guided to design 65+ psychological tests & therapies
  • along with research he built Manashakti organization with 5000+ sadhakas.

Swamiji avoided hero-worship. He did not allow him to be photographed, nor permitted anyone to bow down before him. He wore clothes of pinching sack cloth. Though having rational faith in the traditional Guru-Shishya (Master–Disciple) system, he himself did not practice it. He said, "Knowledge is my Guru". Hence he did not float any separate cult, sect or faith. Not a single photograph, statue, tomb, Samadhi place is available about him. After much persuasion from sadhakas, he allowed to keep his audio tapes – an ocean of wisdom, for knowledge-seekers! (People can listen Swamiji's audio lectures only during study-courses at main center.)

Swamiji underwent 36 types of rigorous Tapas viz. knowledge-based willing acceptance of pain for purification of karma. Swamiji is the only known individual, who has donated his skin - while being alive and without taking pain-killers – for the downtrodden masses. However he appealed people that, if you voluntarily practice knowledge-based planned sacrifice – 1 hour a day of selfless service to the society – it will help you achieve perpetual happiness, success and peace of mind.

On 18th November 1993, Swamiji took Prakash Samadhi for world peace. (For more information about Swamiji's Pre-Sanyas and Post-Sanyas life, see pdf below.)

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