Trusts and Objectives

Trusts of Manashakti Research Centre

  • Manashanti New Way Ashram (Parent Trust, Reg No: E-437)Pune
  • Manashakti REST New Way (Co-trust) E-524 Pune
  • Health New Way (Co-trust) E-733 Pune
  • New Way Udyogshakti Charitable Trust(Co-trust) E-3682 Pune

Manashakti Research Centre conducts various social welfare activities though the medium of these four trusts.

Objectives of Trusts

  • To impart and disseminate knowledge and education amongst the public, including creating good Sanskars (Values) useful for school and college youths and promotion of New Way tenets as appearing in the books and literature of Swami Vijnananand. New Way tenets are purely based on reason, science, study.
  • To carry on the work of 'Cycle of good deeds' propounded by Swami Vijnananand, with the object of directly and specifically helping the workers and farmers by seeking the co-operation of educated youths and adults.
  • To print, publish and/or to sell the New Way literature, the books and publications already published by Swami Vijnananand as New Way literature or any literature approved by the trust.
  • To carry on allied research.
  • To formulate temporary and permanent "Mentor Panel"; to plan to encourage good in the society.
  • Start and encourage health centres. etc.


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