Concentration Techniques

Concentration Techniques

This method is particularly useful for women, though males too can practise it. The method helps to avoid the ills of unstable, oscillating between soft and stiff, anguish and pinching mind.

‘Pin-point Centre of the Circle’ is a method from the ‘Inert Medium Imagination’ Group.

According to this method, before closing the eyes, keep a figure [see figure] of a central pin-point, surrounded by nearly 24 concentric circles, with an interspace of 1mm each. In the alternative, bring before the mind’s eye such a figure without an actual representation.

Our mind is always in motion. It is not easy to eliminate this habit at a moment’s notice. For this purpose, we have to engage the mind in the play of concentric circles. By this simple trick, mind is made to travel gradually from the outermost concentric circle to the innermost circle, and thus go on increasing the steadiness of the mind. When the central pin-point is reached, identify yourself with the circle & intensify the feeling of having reached equilibrium.

This method is comparitively simpler. ‘Atom is the exact replica of the universe’ so goes the saying. Formerly, we used to look upon all objects separately. Now, we have reconciled ourselves with the view of limited elements, which to-date, scale nearly more than hundred. It is assumed that, one atom is differentiated from another, only in the number of electrons revolving round the nucleus of the atom. The trend of science was lately directed towards the consolidation of the “field theory”, rather than on the analysis of the grosser structure. In short, science is progressing from crude to finer conception. We are, in the present method, employing the identical procedure in a symbolic fashion. The symbol is useful from the point of view of simplicity.

Procedure : To practise this method, a particular time in a day should be alloted. Sit straight with legs inter-locked. Both hands be placed on the knees. The spine of the back, should remain in a straight line from above, downwards. Part of the body above the neck, should be in the same line with that of the spine. If need be, let the procedure proceed with the reiteration - “Though my mind wanders ceaselessly, it renews itself through rest and concentration. I am trying to achieve that one-pointedness of mind. Crossing the circles one by one, I am now reaching the central pin-point. Reaching the centre, my mind will become steady and still. That bliss I will obtain in the form of contentment.”

For the fair sex, these hints fair better. Yet the males too score satisfactorily. To avoid the ills of unstable, oscillating between soft and stiff, anguish and pinching mind, the foregoing suggestions are redeeming. People accustomed to the habit of ‘neatness’, can readily grasp the method and its significance. But if your mind is wandering helter-skelter, a still simpler method is available.


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