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Abhyas Yash Sangeet

Music For Success In Study

Especially useful for students

Manashakti releases novel - “Music For Success In Study” Cassette / CD, for enhancing concentration!!

[Earphones Gift!]

More than eighty percent students complain that, “No sooner than we sit to study, our mind starts wandering; several thoughts crowd our mind; we are unable to sit for a longer duration...!” To overcome these problems, ‘Manashakti’ Research Centre has specially developed the “Music For Success In Study” Method!

In the ‘Music For Success In Study’ Cassette / CD, more emphasis is laid on specific ‘Sound Frequencies’ than melody. Also, music is made available as per the student’s temperament too. For example, if a student fears study / particular subject, the music of waterfall, rain is used through ‘White Noise’. For a student with restless, vacillating mind, the ‘Ocean Waves’ calming the mind have been used as a ‘Rhythmic Sound’. One has to listen to this music through earphones, while studying. Studying on the background of this music, will help lessen other thoughts crowding in the mind, as also to overcome the fear of study or any study-subject. Along with concentration, it will also help to enhance memory and confidence. Ultimately, it will lead the student to focus better on studies.

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