Janmottar (Post-birth) Sanskar Test


Test Name:- Janmottar (Post-birth) Sanskar
Age group:- 3 months to 2 years
Language:- English / Hindi / Marathi
Duration (Test + Counseling):- Approx. 2 - 3 hours
Donation contribution:- Rs.1250/-
Test by Appointment only
Contact on: Monday to Friday; 9am to 12noon
Phone:- (02114) 234320/ 1 / 2

The grasping power of kids at young age is tremendous. That is the reason why those kids absorb the mental state and the thought process of the people accompanying them, along with the absorption of knowledge. It implies that those kids absorb the virtues and follies of parents, especially the follies! That makes it important to purify the emotional environment in order to ensure that the child is nurtured in a proper way.

In that respect, a test is conducted on the mother and the father after the birth and it helps them correct or purify their thought processes. Eventually it becomes beneficial for the kid.

(IMP note:- The standardized DASII - Developmental Assesmental Scales for Indian Infants - Test is strongly recommended along with this Test.)


Videos to be uploaded shortly.

Videos to be uploaded shortly.


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