Garbh Sanskar Workshop for couple (Hindi)

[Pioneers in Garbh Sanskar since 1961; Lakhs benefitted!]

Manashakti’s “Garbh Sanskar Workshop” (Prenatal Education) has turned highly popular! Commenced in Dec.2002, nearly 60,410 people have participated in 503 Workshops!It is meant for developing a multi-faceted and cultured future generation!This workshop is conducted throughout the length and breadth of Maharashtra, and to some extent in Goa, Gujarat and New Delhi.


1. Latest scientific evidences about learning, memory, etc. of the fetus
2. Multimedia : Nine Months Miracle
3. Video : Developmental Stages of the Fetus
4. Effect of Mantra and Music on the Fetus
5. Individual Pulse-rate Based Test of the Couple
6. Prenatal Education Exhibition
7. Diet, Yoga, Music, Prayer, Concentration etc.

Participants : Only pregnant couples (in all months of pregnancy).
Language : Hindi
Duration : Aprox. 8 hours
Donation Contribution: Rs.1250/- per couple (same for 1 person)

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    Videos to be uploaded shortly.

    Videos to be uploaded shortly.


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