Suprajanan Workshop (for couple)

“...All check-ups are over; reports are normal; yet, why doesnt my wife get conceived?”
“...What exactly is Beej Shuddhi i.e. purification of sperm and ovum? And how to do it?”
“...We did family planning to prevent pregnancy. But later on, will there be any problems in getting conceived?”

The answer to all these and such other questions is-

Suprajanan Workshop

A novel workshop by Manashakti Research Centre, Lonavla


1. Science of sperm and ovum production.
2. Methodology of infusing good values (Sanskar) to the sperm and ovum.
3. Personality Assessment Test

To be blessed with a baby of “your choice” is not solely an outcome of your destiny or fate. It requires right efforts with a purpose. In addition, social transformation or the values cherished by the society also play a major role in developing and upbringing a virtuous child. Taking due cognizance of all this, the first thinker of Manashakti, Revered Swami Vijnananand, initiated experiments concerning this, 50 years back. One important part of this experiment is the purification process of sperm and ovum, through the medium of Manashakti’s Suprajanan Workshop.

Couples desiring a good progeny can enroll for this workshop. Enrolment in advance is necessary.
Participants: Newly-wed, Expectant & Couples with fertility problems
Duration: Aprox.7 hours
Language: Marathi
Donation Contribution: Rs.1250/- per couple (or even for 1 person)


Suprajanan Workshop (for couple) - 28/04/19 Lonavla- Manashanti Kendra, Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Near Bagway's Malvani Shiv-leela Dhaba. 28/04/2019 Open Office- (02114) 234379, 234380 Add to Cart
Suprajanan Workshop (for couple) - 16/06/19 Lonavla 16/06/2019 Open Office- (02114) 234379, 234380 Add to Cart
सुप्रजनन कार्यशाळा
सुप्रजनन कार्यशाळा
सुप्रजनन कार्यशाळा
सुप्रजनन कार्यशाळा

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