Miracles of Benevolence

Miracles of Benevolence

Miracles of Benevolence
Author:- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 64
Donation Contribution:- Rs.55/- Courier Charges extra.

This edition is a translation of Swamiji’s original Marathi book Changulpanache Chamatkar in toto.

Sage Vyasa said the gist of the eighteen Puranas (ancient Hindu scriptures) as - 'Helping others is merit and harming other is sin'. The New Way Philosophy propounded by Honourable Swami Vijnananand also recommends social service as a regimen to achieve progress and peace in life. It is in sync with the Laws of Nature and backed by science too.

Theist or atheist, student or spiritualist, rich or troubled – science and philosophy prescribe ‘social service’ as the panacea for everyone. Swamiji has revealed the view of science behind goodness and how benevolence is important to build the power of mind.


1. Why goodness for an atheist?

2. Why goodness from a scientific point of view?

3. Why goodness for a religious being?

4. Why goodness for the ailing?

5. Why goodness for people facing calamity?

6. Why goodness on the path of Yoga?

7. How and why goodness to a student?

8. Goodness for strengthening the mind

9. Why goodness for the rich?

10. What has happened to this nation?

11. Arise! Let’s brighten up the future of this country!!


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