Rich, Ambitious, Healthy

Rich, Ambitious, Healthy

Author:- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 110
Donation Contribution:- Rs.110/- Courier charges extra.

Introduction:- Shri Vijay Merchant (World-famous Indian Crickter)

The book analyses why mostly rich, ambitious & so-called healthy individuals suffer more agonies at the end. It also indicates that in so called healthy there is a colossal rate of cell-damage per second. The book not analyses the problem but also gives the panacea based on science.

The topics dealt are:-

1. What happens in the body in happiness?

2. Latent danger for the rich

3. Explanation of apparently good health

4. Die we must: why disease?

5. Why our cells grow defective?

6. Rich should mend before late

To remain on the leader-line, one has to pay ‘attention’ i.e. to be ‘at tension’. It creates stresses at 11 points in the body, apart from the latent perils of jealousies! The rich, ambitious & so-called healthy, suffer more agonies in the end, says latest scientific research! Exactly why & how? What’s the way out? - do read in this book.


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