Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift

Author:- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 36
Donation Contribution:- Rs.25/- Courier charges extra.

Marriage is one of the turning point in one’s life; & the future life is to proceed on two wheels of the cart. To have a smooth run, there should be full harmony between the wheels. Here the run is not of a few kilometers, but life-long & continuous one. Thus to take a right turn in a right direction at this turning point, is the first step towards happy home. To make your married life successful, ‘Manashakti’ presents to you with an unusual -

When you open a page of this book, you will find this a sweet, life-lasting & un-common wedding gift!

This book gives 10 rational tips for a happy married life. To quote a few -

First, make a complete enquiry; thereafter, stop grumbling completely.

1. Stress management during the first month & the tension period.

2. Clarity is needed, avoiding dryness.

3. Keep in contact with doctor as a regular feature.

4. Getting along with friends & relatives.

5. Imparting sanskars [good values] to the fetus, while in womb.

6. Do or don’t care for the planets or stars in the sky, but do care for the pride & prejudices of your partner. Etc. Etc.

A remedial test for marital problems, comprising of 63 questions, is also given.

A golden gift of a few words of wisdom, for a rewarding married life!


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