Stress Management & Meditation Workshop (English)

The stress is affecting our fast-paced and modern lifestyle because of poor health, wrong eating habits, imbalance in daily schedules, rush, pollution, social insecurity, competition, jealousy and one-upmanship. These are resulting in physical and psychological diseases and disturbing the peace. As a solution to this we need to have the knowledge of the laws of the nature and augment our lifestyle with meditation. This workshop provides the guidance regarding all of these aspects along with the practical session of meditation.

Cause & Effects of Stress
Rational Remedies for Stress Management
"Dialogue with the Body" Meditation (Demo)

Participants: 18 years and above
Language: English
Duration: 7 Hours
Donation Contribution: Rs.1050/- per person


Stress Management & Meditation Workshop (English) - 07/10/18 लोणावळा 07/10/2018 शिल्लक ऑफिस- (०२११४) २३४३७९,२३४३८० Add to Cart

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